Amire Comic Co. (A group comprised of two of my freinds)Edit

  1. Jason Angleo is a character run by Trey Redgrave, a member of Amire Comic Company. Bother him here.
  2. Hell Raiser is a Katana Owned by Amire Comic Company, and imagined by Trey Redgrave. See the link above.
  3. Josh Angleo is the brother of Jason Angleo, and is owned, and run, by Amire.


  1. Mount Erebus is the continent of Antarctica 2nd largest Volcano. See here.

Assassin's Creed SeriesEdit

  • Romano da Orlong's Hearth, like Ezio Auditore, is the head of a order of Assassins. The key differences are their names of Romano and his order (The Brotherhood).

Devil May Cry SeriesEdit

  1. Mundus, a demon lord that was killed in early years on Karpath's current history, shares the exact same name as Mundus the demon king from the Devil May Cry series. See here.
  2. The River Dante and the shop known as Devil's Tears, are both refrences to Dante, in the fact that the end of DMC 1, Dante names his shop, Devil May Cry, when talking to his partner. See here.

Dragon Age SeriesEdit


  1. The Circle of Magi is a faction that exists in both worlds as a faction for persons in learning in magic. Unlike the Dragon Age variant, the Karpathian variant is entirel optional.
  2. The city of Orlais shares the name as the capital of the empire of Orlais in the Dragon Age series. See here.

Dragon Age I (and II)Edit

  1. Nothing yet.

Dragon Age IIEdit

  1. The Chest plate and mail on Jason Angleo are based loosely off of Sabastian Vael's armor in Dragon Age II. See here.

Dragon Age III: InquistiononEdit

  1. Not yet. maybe when it comes out?

The Elder Scrolls SeriesEdit

The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionEdit

The Shivering IsleEdit

  1. Angel's Crescent shares the same enchatment (with some additions) as the sword Dawn/Duskfang. See here.

The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimEdit

  1. Whiterun is a city that shares the same ruler and name pulled from Skyrim. See here.
  2. Solitude is a city that shares the same purpose and name as the Skyrim city. See here.
  3. Riverwood, in mid-Fiefmont, shares the same name and location (pretty much, as both of them are located on a river), and specialization (lumber, hence the name) as the small village to the south of Whiterun in Skyrim. See here.
  4. Gallus, in both universes, was a master theirf, and a Nightingale. See here.

The Lord of The Rings SeriesEdit

  1. The description for the Dwarves is the same description that Sir J.R.R. Tolkien used for his Dwarves.
  2. Barad-Dum in Mordrim, is an adaption of Barad-dûr, Sauron's fortress in Mordor during the series (But not the Hobbit, that was Dol Guldur). See here.

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