Dwarves are a race of short, man-like beings that spend their time mostly underground, digging, building, fighting the Dwemer, and fighting the Dwemer some more. When not underground, they are traveling to other Dwarven cities (When that is unavailable whilst underground) to visit or trading with all nearby settlements.



Dwarves are short, roughly 3 feet tall, but very muscular. Dwarves are known for their beards, which tend to grow to their ankles (nearly 2 ft.). Normally, the jobs a male Dwarf is assigned to in their Choosing at age 25 are soldiers, smiths, politictians, merchants* or Thanes* and Noble.*


Female Dwarfs tend to be normally 3 inches shorter than male Dwarves, and most of them don't have beards. Dwarven women generally do not have nearly as much muscle as male Dwarf. Jobs a Dwarf woman can expect in her choosing are: merchant,* Noble,* or housekeeper.


  • Mount Erebus


The long history of the Dwarves starts with their 'awakening' in the cave that would later became the Dwarven Elevator to their magnicent cities under (and in) the Sea of Rhar  and in a cave in the side of Mount Erebor (this cave would later become the grand gate into the city.

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Mount Erebus

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