"Elvhen" is the multi-racial label for elves of all kinds, and refers to them all, but mostly the Sindarin, or High Elves, as they are the most familiar race of Elves, and dwell in Gildergleam.


There are more than one race or type of Elves, An example that the Sindarin (High Elves) are the same race as the Fordarin (Wood Elves), differing only in the fact that they dwell in the Fangwood and that the High Elves dwell in the tree city of Gildergleam.

List of Known Elf SpeciesEdit

  • Aquadarin ("Water" Elves. Very experienced sailors, fisherman, and traders, hence their name).
  • Firusdarin ("Fire" Elves. They used to live on the slopes of mount Erebus, but were driven off and largely destroyed by Tuscan troops).
  • Sindarin ("High" elves. All the members of the Elder Council are High Elves).
  • Fordarin ("Forest" Elves. Sindarin elves that live throughout the Fangwood(s), Bogwood(s), and Northwood(s).

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