Gallus I was the very second son of Robert the Hero, after Robert II. Galus was the one of the first heads of the Theives Guild. Gallus was also the discoverer of Mjoiner, his father's signature Hammer.

He was cheerful (mostly), energetic, and loyal. He was killed when he was crushed to death by a Troll.


Gallus I was the second son to Robert the Hero, after Robert II. At a young age, he into much trouble with his theiving activities, and scolded often by his father. It did not take long for him to get tired of living in Whiterun. So he denounced his status as his father's heir, and ran away to Orlong's Hearth, and founded the Theive's Guild.

Several years passed, and Kalokoran luanched the Second, and last, Undead War. During this seige, he saved the life of Vami the Powerful, and was crushed to death by a Troll for doing so.


Facial and HeadEdit

  • Hair - Gallus had light grey, unkempt hair, that fell to his ears. It, like Vami's, curled to the left whenever possible.
  • Face - Gallus had a scar above his left eye, which was the result of being punched in the forehead by a freelance knight, when Gallus attempted to take his money pouch. He had a fairly average nose, other than the scar on it's bridge.


  • Head - Gallus I rarely ever wore a helmet, but did occainsionly wore a hood or cowl, being a member of the Nightingales, as well as the head of the Theive's Guild.
  • Body - Gallus normally wore the leather armor with the lockpick on his shoulder indocating his Guild and his status in the Theive's Guild, but on special errands for Vami, we was deployed as a Nightingale.
  • Leggings / Greives - (See above, in Body)
  • Boots - Gallus prefered to wear a pair of leather boots that he took from his father's armory shortly before leaving. He named them the Feet of the Winged Theive.

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