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Hell Raiser is a special katana that was alledgely forged in the fires of Hell (and later proven by a merc named Jason), and was found embedded in the chest of a very long dead demon in a cavern in the Mountains of Screams.


It has been verified by Vami, using Enchantment, when Jason first met him on the shores of the River Dante, that it was in fact forged in the fires of Hell, and then sent with a demon commander called Mundus. However, he was defeated by an unknown warrior, and his sword was mostly purified by his touch. After his death, it fell into the hands of a Ninon-Jan warrior (Senshi). He traveled the world, slaying demons, and died after killing Mundus once and for all. Sadly, this warrior's name was lost to the mist of time.

After his death, his blade remained buried in the sternum of the skeleton of Mundus, until one of Jason's ancestors stumbled on it in a cavern deep under the Mountains of Screams in Mordrim nearly five hudred years ago. When the ancestor returned to his home somewhere in Tora/Nihon-Jan, and left it in his family's treasure vault for several generations. After 467 years, Jason was born, and he decided to leave home, and explore the world at the ripe age of 19. Before he even left the castle, he was stopped by his father, Samuel Angleo and his brother, Joshua (Josh), and given Hell Raiser. He still uses the blade.


Hell Raiser is about 5 feet long, with a large, black, square crossguard that has an occult star etched into it (the star glows red with demon blood). The crossguard is 1.5 inches tall. The blade itself is 4 feet long. It's handle, or grip, is 4.5 inches long.

Other names:Edit

  • Jigoku Chōtatsu-sha (Hell Rasier)

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