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Jason Angleo is a male Tuscan mercenary, who is also one of very few Demon-human hybrids. He is 23 and owns the shop, Devil's Tears. He left home at 19, and adventured for a time, and periodiocally clashes with his brother, Josh Angleo.


Jason was born to a Tuscan lord named Samuel, in house Angleo, but in the family compound in Nihon-Jan, because the family was half Nihon-Jan, half Tuscan. For a time, he lived in relative peace, aside from the odd merchant, or tax collecter. As he grew, a rift opened between him and his brother, Josh Angleo. During their youths, the two began to grow jealous of eachother, for various reasons. For example: Jason would get angry fast during certain situations, where as Josh could remain calm at any time. And they hated eachother for several reasons, one being that Jason was always going into town and getting laid. They would have multiple arguments regarding Jason's activities in town, but tolerated eachother for the most part.

After several violent clashes with his brother, Jason decided to leave on an adventure, and wander the land as a mercenary, and make enough money to settle somewhere. But, just as he was leaving, he was confronted by his father and his brother, and given Hell Raiser, and his brother was given Angel's Crescent. After he presented them with the very old but still powerful weapons, their father (Samuel Angleo), bid them farewell.

Jason began as soon as he possibly could, traveling as far as Nation de Force to the Lion's Head Isle, from the Elsweyerian Desert to the Virgin Isles. However, his brother left  after a argument that led to a battle where Josh and Jason both gravely injured eachother, forcing eachother to part ways.  Josh disapeared for a time, and jason went south to Nation de Force, there he was hired as a freelance merc during the first few battles in the War of Mordrim, but left after 5 grisly battles for better, less life-threatening battles (he was nearly killed 7 times by a demonic entintity called Harnus). He departed for Orlong's Hearth, completed some odd jobs there (even worked for Romano's guild of assassins on numerous occasions). It was there, during the last job he took, that he had a special occurence with Hell Raiser, in the form of a dream of some kind of power it possesed, and caught wind of a very powerful magician and ruler of Tusconna, a person named Vami the Powerful.

He sought Vami for months at a time, but all he discovered was that he was leading the entire colition army in Mordrim against Kalokoran the Unholy, arriving to late to catch him. But, after two seasons, Jason was tipped off by his favorite contact, Arnus, who said that Vami was marching with a small army to destory an encampment of bandits on the banks of the River Dante. So, Jason once traveled south, and had another run-in with his brother, and clashed with him, beating him, and sending him back into hiding. he rached the battle site just as Vami has finishing up, where he was able to reveal the history of the sword using arcane powers, and sending Jason into a mystical slumber, where he fought against clones of himself, learning how to use the powers of his sword.

He awoke days later, and, using the money he raised, bought a plot of land where he built his shop, Devil's Tears. He resides there now, periodically sleeping with his succubus employee, Ariel.



  • Long, Black hair that falls over his eyes,


  • Jason wears a suit of black, ebony mail that looks like this: (Click HERE), with the words "Black Rawk" etched into it.
  • His pants are black and leather, covered in ebony plating around the waists, and is protected by runes (Magic etchings) further down, in addition, a chain runs from his thighs to his boots.
  • For his boots, he wears a pair of ebony boots with spikes lining the ankle and toe areas of the of the boot..
  • His gloves are mostly enchanted cloth, with the finger covers removed, with an ebony plam and under plate on each of them. A red ribbon is wrapped around the wrist of his right gauntlet.

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