Orlong's Hearth is the current capitol city of Tusconna, has been beseiged roughly 7 times so far in history, and is Vami's seat of power.


It was first founded immediately after the origional Whiterun was founded, after he sent his son, Helgraf the Cartographer, to map the area, and his freind had already left to put a settlement their in the high mountain valley. When Vami arrived, he noticed the iron veins in the mountanis, among other ores. He moved in almost at once, was elected mayor, and had the ore mined, sold to others across the continent, Theydas.

Becuase of the ore, Orlong's Hearth's budget swelled dramatically, and he and Orlong Axegrinder designed the walls, and payed Garzob the Smith's twin brother, Lars the Stonemason, to come in and have his company, Lars Stoneworks, build what Vami and Orlong designed. The resulting four year construction filled a large cavern, built the first Tower of Magi, a fortress and walls, as well as many other stone buildings. After this, Vami had the vilagers and settlers build make-shift homes, so that everyone working to contribute to the city (at that time, building the city) would have somewhere to stay. Eventually, these makeshift shacks would be torn down, and built into professionily designed houses.

After a few months, the Dwarves of Mount Erebus built a gate to both Whiterun, and Orlong's Hearth.

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