'Reven' the Raven Mage is a Anderian mage, who formely served in the court of Ander as High Preist and Archmage. he was born in Ander to unknown patents and later orphaned in a magical explosion. He was raised by Charon (the current at that time High Preist), and grew up to take his office.


Sometime during Before Orlais, Reven was born to a pair of unknown parents in Bechol Hall in Anderhen. However, not but a few weeks later, his family home was destroyed when half of the Ander Mage's Guild exploded in a failed expiriment involving Destruction Magic, and it killed both his parents. Reven was saved just barely by Anderhen City Guards, and removed from the wreckage. It is unknown how he survived, but the magical power of the explosion imbued him somehow with magical energy, and was brought before the High Preist at the time, Charon, and he saw that magical energy, and adopted him.


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