Robert the Hero was the first king of The Kingdom of Fiefmont, father of Robert IIGallus I, and Gallus II.

Robert was (and is) stubborn, fiercely loyal, and annoying to some degree. He is very protective of Vami, nearly as protective of Vami as he is his sons.



  • Eyes - Brown
  • Nose - Average, broken once during a battle in Mordrim, before dieing at the battle of Grey Castle, during the Purge of Mordrim.


Early LifeEdit

Robert the Hero was born to unknown parents in the now ruined city of Argus, and lived in poverty. Being in this predicament, Robert "helped" his family by getting into Theivery, and as a result was arrested often. He managed to avoid sentaces becuase the duaghter of the city's lord loved him.

Much time had passed until Kalokoran the Unholy had left Ander, and set up in the Fangwood to the south, and led a raid of the city, killing 40% of the city's popultaion. Part of the 40% were Robert's parents, so the lord of Argus (his name is lost to history, by Robert's overseeing himself) banished Robert from the city, until he come back nearly 12 years later and sluaghter all it's inhabitants, including the girl who loved him.

After he was exiled, Robert wandered around Argus, his reputation spreading far ahead of him, so no one offered him work. Then he met Vami the Powerful, at that time Vami the Wanderer. He took pity on Robert, and swept him under his wing, and they both wandered to where the first Whiterun would later be settled.

Founding WhiterunEdit

After wandering with Vami for several months, they joined a much larger party of about 23 tribal-like primitives and they built a camp on the shores of the White Run and feet of Mount Arnor, and named it Whiterun after the white rapids in the river it was built on.

Vami, Robert, and the group of settlers immeadeatly became freinds, and among these hopeful settlers were the two Orsimer (Orc) brothers Garzob the Smith and Lars the StonemasonChad the Carpenter, and Robert's future wife, Maria. At once they started properly civilizing, ripping the hide tents done, and spent 5 years building the city into what it once was (before being burned by savages and bandits), building stone homes, building walls, building all kinds of useful things, and lived richly, fighting the occansional tribe of bandits or barbarians, and even wandering Giants, before they disappeared into the Fangwood.

Destruction of the first WhiterunEdit

Many a year passed until not only was Whiterun finally successfully sacked by bandits and burned, but Vami moved the castle and it's keep, Dragonshold, onto Mount Arnor, and then carved out the mountain and finished by magically rebuilding the city, and placing a forest on top of the former site, and fully restoring the area.

After this diastor and Miracle, Robert's wife, Maria, gave birth to Gallus I, but he rejected the lax and cushioned life of a noble, and constantly got into trouble with the guards, as he was a noturious theif, and finally left Whiterun altogether, after stealing a magical pair of boots that Robert found in one his and Vami's adventures.

Destruction of the city of ArgusEdit

After the Great Moving, Robert set out to take revenge on the city of Argus. Robert set out with 200 men to destroy the weakened Argus, and arrived 2 days later. When he arrived, he and his men sluaghtered the men and boys, raped the girls and women, and butchered the children. When he stormed the keep, he captured the girl who loved him in his childhood, raped her in front of his men, and then killed her. Shortly before leaving, he burned the city to ash, and salted the ground and cursed the spot.

Prepartions for War in Mordrim, Part IEdit

Upon returning to Whiterun, Robert was contacted by Vami, who then informed him that his spies had located Kalokoran the Unholy in the black land of Mordrim. He ordered Robert to gather his forces. However, he massed his whole army just in time for Kalokoran to storm out of Mordrim's Black Gate, tension between Nazione de Rose and Nation de Force to explode, causing the vast armies of Nation de Force to spill deep into Nazione di Rose, and although hindered by Vami's armies, Nation de Force still managed to breach Fiefmont's borders.

Fiefmont fought for two years, with several villages and small towns being razed, before Kalokoran suffered sufficnet loss of life to retreat back into Mordrim, with only seige of Whiterun, and two battles for Orlong's Hearth. Shortly thereafter, Vami settled disputes with Nation de Force, ending the war, and annexing the Orlesian Circle of Magic within the Tuscan School of Magi, with all of it's resources.

Several years passed, restoring all countries involved in the First Undead War, and the Nazione di Rose / Orlais War.

Prepartions for War in Mordrim, Part IIEdit

After the First Undead War ended, Robert gathered his forces again, and without interruption, marched with Yumi's Nihon-Jan, and Vami's Nihon-Jan, Tuscans, and mages, to the Black Gate. They arrived 1.5 days later, and the first battle ended in disaster, with Kalokoran utilizing a fear spell so powerful that it scattered the coalition, and almost killing Vami, awakening Gurthang, and nearly killing Robert.

Yumi arrived just in time to awaken a comatose Vami, and rallying the remnants of his fractured army, and once again marching on the Black Gate, and the city of Gladius, the sworn enemies of Fiefmont.

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