The Mace of the North Star is the weapon of Sir Mattherson, a freelance knight who made is first charge into glory and legend at the Fall of Passwall in the Wight Wars .


The mace handle is made out of Ebony wood, and braced with Ebony metal, and a magical material simply refered to as "Red Matter" due to it's colour. It's total length is 4 feet. It's head is a four sided Red Matter star encased in Ebony which is 1 foot in every cardinal direction (the star).


Records from the College of Enchanting in the far north, that, not to far from the city of Xander, also in the far north, it was forged in the lava pit of Ereguth-Gal in the long-abandoned city of Geth-Multog. The weapon then disappears from recorded memory for some time before being recovered by Sir Mattherson, 12 years before riding to fame and legend at Passwall.

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