The timeline is the page I use to attempt to mold the lore of Karpath using even more lore than Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, and Narnia combined. When it's all said and done, with all continents and their histories added, even J. R. R. Tolkein would be impressed

The Timeline begins with the beginning of recorded history, constantly being gathered from ancient wandering bands of nomads and wanderings, or cave drawlings of unimagineable age. It starts, all over Karpath, in the Ancient or Waking Eras.

The Mythical Era

    • Human wanderers gather for purposes unknown at the future location of Argus, where they build the first human continent, though not permanent, as in the future it will burned and raided and finally destroyed forever by Robert the Hero thousands of years later. Humans wander still, all around the coast of Lake Illsopia, settling in spots around modern day Whiterun, Orlong's Hearth (First settlement destroyed in M.E. 13 and abadoned), Castle Tinder, and Orlais. Nihon-Jan villages would become the first permanent Human settlements on Tedas by M.E. 3.
    • Elvhen migrate to The Elder Grove, where they invent and discover Carpentry and Archery. They find Copper in the area but have discovered Mining yet. Giants, the 13 foot tall shepards of the Mammoths (among other enormous creatures), wandered into the Elder Grove, as their Mammoths migrated to it's lush grass and vegatation. Their brutally simple and savage rituals and sacrifices severly angered the elves, and they got to work attempting to kill or drive them out of the Elder Grove. The Elves used the oldest bows in the world, making them the very first archers, to wage their desperate war on the Giants.
    • Dwarves "Awaken" in a cave called the Iron Cavern, which would become the very first Dwarven city of Ironfell. They awoke with 8 Dwarves and 6 pickaxes, making them the first in the world to discover mining anywhere. They mine a funny peice of red rock (Iron, the city and cave's namesake) aside for now. Having nowhere else to put the other ore, they throw it a fire, beliving the ore to be coal. The instead invent smelting and Discover Copper. The Dwarves discover the art of Stone Weaving, opening their cave to the surface, but accidentily move an Elder World Gate that had been stuck in the mountain for thousands, if not millions, of years, into place, creating it's famous gate.
  • M.E. 001 - Fredas
    • The future Germanic tribes of Germania mysteriously choose the future valley country of Germania, out of anywhere on the continent, to live, and forever confine themselves to it's rugged beauty.

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