Vami the Powerful is a world-wide legend. He slew Kalokoran the Unholy, his father, was "born" in Ander, founded not only Orlong's Hearth, but the nation of Nazione di Rose (nation of Roses), and played a key role in not not just Theydas's history, but Karpath's history as a whole.


Early Life and BirthEdit

Vami was first created at least 230 years ago in Ander. He was "born" to a unknown Nihon-Jan woman and Kalokoran the Unholy. Kalokkran impreganted the women, but killed her in te process of imbuing the fetus, forcing it into a newborn status, and filled it with an inunderstandable amount of magical power. And an understanding of all magic that will likely never be met by another force.

After creation, Kalokoran taught Vami in all forces and schools of magic, and made him his paperboy, doing trivial tasks until he matured after several long years. By then, Kalokoran had begun to teach him the evil art of Necromancy. Vami, still "pure" despite his father's influences, rejected soundly. Becuase of this, he became a personal meat dildo for Queen Endria's succubus duaghter, Ariel.

After a time, Kalokoran finished his research in Ander, and left. As a parting gift, he was given a one Kiku Ravenwing, once head of Endria's security. He left, and set up in the the southern areas of the Fangwood in Elf inhabited regions of the forest called the Elderwood around 100 years ago. He maintained this outpost of evil magic for 40 years (as Anderfolk live for a very long time). In this time, Vami lost almost all of his sanity, but retained enough of it to act and appear rationally. He also became very depressed, and Kiku used him to clear her depression by fucking him.

Thankfully, these times did not last, as the local Elvhen did not appreciate having their young ones dragged from their homes to demises so dark, they do not speak of them even to this day. They rose up, and drove him from him from his fortress and killed most of his followers, and giving Kiku and Vami the chance to escape from their prison. Vami would not meet Kiku again for several years.

Founding of Whiterun and Orlong's HearthEdit

For a time, Vami wandered what would later become Tuconna and Fiefmont, earning what ever money people would pay him. After 2 years, Vami wandered to Argus, and met Robert the Hero, after he had been thrown out of the city, when he lost his parents to Kalokoran before Vami and Kiku escaped from him. Taking pity on Robert, he took him under his wing, and they wandered until they settled with other settlers and wanderers, and founded the first Whiterun.

Evantually, after 5 years, Vami left Whiterun with his freind Orlong Axegrinder, to found Orlong's Hearth in the mountains. He spent two years getting it set up, and spent many more years building it's defenses up to par.

Kalokoran Lives!Edit

A few years passed, and then Whiterun was sacked and burned to the ground by Bandits, to which he responded with the Great Moving, using magic to rebuild Whiterun and move it's castle, keep, and palace, Dragonshold, completely onto Mount Arnor. Once he returned to Orlong's Hearth, a messager Raven from one of his spies in Mordrim, informing him that Kalokoran the Unholy was preparing war in Mordrim.

Wrath of Kalokoran the UnholyEdit

Once Kalokoran knew of Vami's appointment as Nazione di Rose's monarch, he began building his hordes, swelling his ranks, and deploying necromancers into the field all over Tedas, most famous among them being Stolas, Astsusou, and Veronica the Wicked. Vami was informed almost instantly, but becuase of the Black Gate, he could do nothing to contain his armies, so he contacted Robert the Hero, his old freind, so he double his forces, and besiege the Black Gate, and purge Mordrim of the evil that inhabited it for countless ages.

Robert did as he was asked, and just in time for tensions with Nation de Force to explode, cuasing Nazione di Rose to go to war, and Kalokoran to luanch his invasion of the world. It took the destruction of Castle Draco, two seiges of Orlong's Hearth, and killing of thousands of undead and humanoids in the sway of Kalokoran to force him to retreat back to Mordrim.

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